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The Anello dell’Acquedotto Romano is a unique experience: over its11 kilometres, the colours and scents of nature blend with history and culture,creating landscapes just waitingto be explored. The Anello dell' Acquedotto Romano is an ideal combination of urban and tourist trails with others involving the surrounding area and its naturalistic and environmental attractions.These out-of-town trails encounter the thousand-year-old Romanan aqueduct, the mountain castle of Collepino and the mystical Hermitage of San Silvestro.

What will
you meet?

and architecture.
Varied landscape
and breathtaking views.
A rich fauna including birds,
insects and mammals.
Local myths, faith
and legends.

Details route

A. Le Porte Urbiche
Route length: 1.5km
Route duration: 30m

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B. Acquedotto Romano
Route length: 4.5km
Route duration: 1h 15m

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C. Castello di Collepino
Route length: 1.1km
Route duration: 30m

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D. Bosco dei Massi Erratici
Route length: 500m
Route duration: 25m

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E. Strane Pietre
Route length: 1km
Route duration: 30m

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F. Antiche Vie
LuRoute length: 3.2km
Route duration: 1h 20m

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G. Chiese e Palazzi
Lunghezza tratta: 1.5km
Route duration: 25m

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